Push Human-Machine Co-Evolution

Humans empower machines, machines enhance humans.

Jipeng Sun is currently conducting computational imaging research at Princeton Computational Imaging Lab advised by Prof. Felix Heide as a Ph.D student. Previously he was a Ph.D student at Northwestern Computational Photography Lab co-advised by Prof. Oliver Cossairt and Prof. Jack Tumblin. He initiated and taught COMP_SCI 396 VR/AR Systems as a course instructor in Northwestern University. (Why does Jipeng care about computational imaging?)

Jipeng is fascinated about building machines that enhance humans' vision, learning, and decision making systems and empower machines with biological inspired intelligence. To fulfill this goal, he has diverse background in computational microscopy, computer generated holography, knowledge graph, spiking neural networks, neural-robotics and embedded system.

Before joining Northwestern, he worked as neural-robotics research engineer at Research Center for Brain-inspired Intelligence, CASIA (Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences) during 2019-2021 advised by Prof. Yi Zeng. He is also the founding director of Sharing Tech Ltd., a 176-people tech organization developing AI-assisted education systems.


2023.12.14 We are honored to present Thin On-sensor Nanophotonic Array Cameras in SIGGRAPH Asia 2023!

2023.11.15 New imaging through scattering media work using synthetic wavelength firstly showed up on COSI 2023.

2023.09.15 Our CS396 VR/AR Systems course is on the news!

2023.08.05 Co-first author paper: Thin On-sensor Nanophotonic Array Cameras got accepted to ACM Transactions on Graphics!

2023.04.16 Co-first author paper: Whole-brain Imaging of Freely-moving Zebrafish got published!

2023.04.03 Northwestern University released the CS396 VR/AR System summer course and it now opens enrollment!

2023.01.25 In summer 2023, Jipeng Sun is going to open and teach CS396 VR/AR System in Northwestern University.

2022.12.02 Jipeng Sun gave a talk for Princeton Computational Imaging Lab about "Computational Light Field Microscopy for Brain Imaging" and had a fruitful discussion there.

2022.11.04 I am proud to mentor Hershey High School student Reginald Chen to create the first research poster in his life. Best wishes to his science journey in the future!

2022.10.08 Computational Framework for Light Field Microscopy Simulation and Optimization got published!

2022.05.20 Jipeng Sun won 2022 Peter Barris Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.