Jipeng Sun

In short, the life-long mission I want to complete requires me PhD level depth of knowledge and the research mindset I need to gain from PhD training.

I always believe everyone was born with some meaning for the whole human-beings species. If there is no difference between the world I were born in and the world without me, I would feel so sorry I waste such opportunity to come and improve this beautiful world. I understand most of people can’t really have such feeling but they also wish they could bring some sparkle to this world, I love them, so I want to lead them together to achieve something bigger. Our next generation could tell they are living in a better world after our generation fighting for so long and so hard, then we could pass our torch to them, encourage them, and say goodbye peacefully. When we come back to the beginning of life and meet all the previous great human pioneers, we could say: ’Look, I didn’t fail you passing the torch to me.’

If we put the current or near-future machines into the whole human tech development progress, there is no doubt it is still in an initial stage. However, the meaning of the invention of the machines is limitless to the human evolution. Machines could enhance human to break through the biological limits and human could empower machines to become a better version of the carrier of humanity. So pushing this co-evolution process will be the main topics and trend for people working on science & engineering.

Machines enhance human sensing, motoring, and thinking in many perspectives. For the current or near future, the technology for enhancing human vision is approaching by developing AR/VR device. And my passion lies in this 3D imaging/ display area.